Repeat Prescriptions

Requesting Repeat Medications

Please note: we cannot accept repeat prescription requests over the telephone as errors often occur with verbal communication of drug names.

Please allow at least two full working days for your prescription to be processed.

  • Contact your chosen pharmacy and request that they sign you up to the Electronic Prescribing Service (EPS). This service enables GPs to transmit prescriptions to a pharmacy of your choice electronically.
  • Repeat prescriptions should be requested through your nominated pharmacist. Alternatively, you can request your medication through Patient Access, Doctor Link or the NHS app. If you have a question regarding your medicine, please go to our website and select administration enqueries. 
  • Deliver or post your repeat prescriptions request form to the surgery.

Repeat prescriptions will only be given where a doctor feels it is clinically indicated and if the items are not available over the counter for purchase.

To minimise the risk of your medication request being rejected, please ensure you submit your Blood pressure, Height and weight every 6 months AND attend your blood tests when they are due. 

This information will help the GP/ Pharmacist to ensure the medicine is not having a negative impact on your health and wellbeing and medicine is prescribed safely.

The clinicians will prescribe the generic names of the medication, however the Pharmacist will decide on the brand. The GP surgery does not decide on the name of the brand.

Our Admin staff may send you a text message if there is a problem with your medication request, please ensure your contact details are up to date.

How do I reduce waste?

Only order what you need and be reassured that if not all repeat items are needed at this time, they can be ordered in future.

Please note that once dispensed, medicines returned to the pharmacy cannot be re-used. Take your medicines with you if you go to the hospital.

Please watch the video below for more information about the waste campaign.

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