About the Patient Reference Group


Patient Reference Groups (PRG), otherwise known as Patient Participation Groups, are being set up in GP surgeries across the UK to encourage patients to participate in the decisions taken on the services provided by your Practice

We feel that all patients who are registered to the practice have a valid opinion on how the practice works and to this aim we feel all patients are members of the Patient Reference Group.

When planning organisational changes which will have a direct affect on patient access/care we notify patients of those changes via our website and have/will invite patients to attend a community event for these changes to be discussed. Patients can use our website to comment on these proposals.

For further detail please contact:

Roma Frost
Portland Medical Centre
020 8406 3500

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Latest Minutes

Extraordinary meeting - Change of PCN

26th January 2023

Organisers: Tracey Miller, Dr Yousef Rajbee, Aleksandra Stefanczyk

Attendees: David Etheridge, Marion Froude, Michael Ginsbury, Mike Horgan, Chris Jordan, Michael Jordan, Briony Ladbury, Michele Morrison, Linda Orth, Norma Rahim

1. Tracey Miller welcomed everyone.

2. TM started presentation using slides on the screen as following : Portland is leaving Croydon GP Super Network to join Keston, Moorings and Parkside (KMP) network

3. Tracey Discussed WHY using slides:

  • Our current Network consist of 11 GP practices and 72.000 patients
  • The collaboration between so many Practices is difficult
  • The shared staff is stretched, and we found it difficult to deliver consistent care
  • Difficult to maintain a shared focus on future deliverables
  • Better use and access to extended hours clinics.
  • Current PCN did not support our plea to run covid vaccine clinics, something that the new PCN is very much in support of.

4. Michael Ginsbury asked question about the anti-coagulation clinic, Tracey answered, that this clinic is not run by us. Out of our hands.

5. TM explained what a PCN is:

  • Collaboration of GP Practices
  • Deliver Direct enhanced services
  • Deliver Investment and Incentive fund targets
  • Share staff: Paramedics, Pharmacist, Care Coordinator, Social Prescriber, Physiotherapist, Mental health practitioner

6. Dr Rajbee and TM explained and discuss Investment and Impact Fund (IIF)

7. Michele Morris asked also about the anti-coag clinics and wished us best of luck with the new PCN.

8. Dr Rajbee and Tracey discussed how will the merger affect us:

  • Patients will notice no negative difference
  • We will work closer together with our PCN
  • We will have more control of the workforce, allowing us to focus of patient care locally
  • Some of the staff will come with us.
  • Some staff from the new PCN will support Portland Patients.
  • We will have to recruit new staff as well.
  • We will do more administration centrally.
  • We will keep care delivery local.

9. David Etheridge asked about extended hours and covid vaccine clinics, Tracey explained.

10. Tracey and Dr Rajbee thanked everyone for attending. 

Terms of Reference

Aim of the Group

To represent the patients of Portland Medical Centre and work with the organisation and evolve services to patients.


  • The PRG is open to all patients, registered at the practice
  • The patients that sign up to be part of the PRG must be committed to representing all patients and not the individual needs of the patients within the PRG
  • PRG members must be committed to attending as many meetings as possible.
  • The PRG will endeavour to make sure that members reflect the diversity of the practice population.
  • Membership will be automatically terminated in the event of that member ceasing to be a patient.


The PRG will aim to:

  • Facilitate good relations between the Practice and Patients by communicating patient experiences, interests and concerns and providing feedback to the Practice on current procedures and proposed  new development.
  • Act as an advisory group providing perspectives and concerns from patients that can influence how services operate, how accessible they are and how suitable they are for the patients.
  • Advise the practice on how to improve communications with patients in the most beneficial way.
  • Advise and act as a consultative group for any changes within the practice.
  • Build open two-way communication and co-operation between the Practice and Patients, other individual and organisations in healthcare and the wider community to the mutual benefit of all.
  • To review the results of patient surveys and suggest changes where appropriate.


  • The PRG will meet every quarter and these meetings, dates and times will be set in advance after each meeting.
  • Any member of the PRG who is unable to attend a meeting should send their apologies to the Business Manager or Practice Secretary.
  • The Business Manager will endeavour to attend all meetings and a GP will attend where practical, to present news of developments within the practice and to respond to issues raised by the PRG.
  • Other members of staff and relevant third parties may also be invited to attend.
  • Minutes of the meeting will be sent to all members of the PRG.
  • Minutes and notices will be published on the Practice website and social media options to ensure maximum coverage.

Surgery Commitment

  • Practice representatives will take forward issues and recommendations from the PRG and supply the responses of actions taken as a result.
  • Practice representatives will keep the PRG informed of service developments.