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by Alison Hughes - Posted on 18 October 2019

Professional and Compassionate Practice

Luckily I don't regularly have a need to visit my G.P. , however if I did I would feel extremely. confident in the care offered at The Portland Medical Centre. Despite ridiculous pressure to see patient numbers every time I need to go I feel heard, cared for and provided with the right follow on support. PMC Team are a great example of the NHS at its best.

Visited in October 2019, Posted on 18 October 2019

by Amanda gave Portland Medical Centre a rating of 5 stars

The Best Drs Surgery

I recommend and boast to friends, family, work colleagues about the excellent derive Portland Medical Service offer. The reception staff are so helpful. My doctor is so understanding and has provided me with thorough treatment, which previously has gone undiagnosed by other practices.The online service is excellent. The online 'chat' service to give advice without having to hold on a call is brilliant. The fact i can get letters from the drs and hospitals, and get a repeat prescription online is fantastic. The practice goes to show just how wonderful the NHS is. Thank you so much.

Visited in August 2019, Posted on 19 August 2019

by Jessica gave Portland Medical Centre a rating of 5 stars

Regular patient thinks it's a great practice

I have come to know the staff here very well from years of regular visits. The doctors are all good but I have managed to have continuity of care with the same GP who knows my medical history. I find this so important. There are a few GPS here who will take time to discuss my needs on a person - to - person basis and listen to any concerns. The nurses, HCAs etc are all friendly and know me by name, and are interested in how I am. Most of the reception staff are very helpful and capable though a few times I've had one who does not have much empathy: that is only one of the staff members however and they are always polite if non-empathetic. I have had issues getting appointments but this is a country-wide issue and the practice is working hard to address this, with much easier-to-get telephone appointments (useful for me as I'm mostly housebound) and use of app/website appointment booking. There are some teething problems with the implementation of the new booking system but this is to be expected, and a phone call puts things right. On the whole, I highly recommend the practice, the staff etc. Parking is a bit difficult: unless you have a blue badge it can be difficult to park nearby, but the surgery is on bus routes etc. Over the years I've got to know the staff well and would be happy to count them friends. They work tirelessly and happily in the challenging world of the modern NHS. Thank you all for all you do!

Visited in June 2019, Posted on 27 June 2019

by Anonymous gave Portland Medical Centre a rating of 5 stars

Blood pressure reading.

Due to having a headache for 3 days I decided to attend the surgery and test my blood pressure with the monitor available. I didn't understand the readings so showed them to to the receptionist. She gave me further clarity by a chart she had. However, what really extended the service was the fact she said I could have a telephone consultation with a GP. By the time I got home my mobile rang. I explained to the GP my concerns regarding the BP readings. He stated the readings were fine. He gave me an opportunity to discuss my other health concerns. I was given very sound advice and suggestions. I normally get very cross wit has my GP practice, however, today"s experience was exceptional and I feel more positive about addressing my contribution to my health.

Visited in June 2019, Posted on 17 June 2019