Ordering a repeat prescription

If you are on regular medication the GP may issue you with a repeat slip to enable you to request your medication without seeing a doctor every time. However, a repeat prescription will only be given where a doctor feels it is clinically indicated. It will help us to process your repeat prescription request if you consider the following points:

  • Allow at least two full working days for your prescription to be processed.
  • If you have more than one repeat medication, please try to order all your items together.
  • Clearly tick the items you require on the request slip.  If you don't need it please don't order it, help to prevent medication waste.
  • You can order via our website (see below), send us a email @ swlccg.portlandmc@nhs.net, deliver or post your repeat prescription request form to the surgery.
  • Clearly indicate where you would like the prescription to be sent. We can keep it at the surgery for you to collect, we can post it to you if you enclose a stamped addressed envelope, or we can send it to one of our local pharmacies via EPS (Contact your local pharmacy).
  • From time to time you may get a message on your repeat slip advising that you need to make an appointment. Please make a routine appointment before your next medication is due.
  • Please see the NHS Waste Campaign 


Repeat Prescription

Please note: we cannot accept repeat prescription requests over the telephone as errors often occur with verbal communication of drug names.


Order Repeat Prescriptions Online

Repeat prescriptions can also be ordered online. Please fill out the form below. Again, please allow at least two full working days for your prescription to be processed. 


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