Occupational Therapy (OT)

Occupational therapy - information from the Croydon website

Occupational therapy helps people live more productive lives. It enables people with disabilities to carry out essential activities, with the aim of maintaining or improving independence.

Occupation means any way in which people spend their time, from personal care (washing, dressing, toileting) to productivity (paid or unpaid work, housework and education) to leisure (games, sports, hobbies, social activities).

Occupational therapists can help with or provide information about:

  • raising the height of the bed/chair so that standing up is much easier for a person with stiff, painful hips and knees
  • making a home safer for getting around by, for example, the installation of hand rails and ramps
  • reducing anxiety and helping people raise their confidence about getting around or managing their disability
  • obtaining appropriate support and helping people to connect to other relevant agencies
  • assisting carers to continue to maintain their caring responsiblities.

Advise and information is available for people able and wanting to fund their own equipment or adaptions.

Aids - equipment services

Whether you have a physical disability, there is a variety of equipment available to help with everyday tasks. Some larger pieces of specialist equipment are available on loan. However, equipment will only be offered after an assessment of need has been made.

Adaptations - disability equipment

Equipment and minor adaptations may be provided to help you with a wide variety of everyday activities. We may also provide equipment to help your carers, for example, hoists.

You may be given help with more major adaptations such as:

  • showers
  • stair lifts
  • ceiling track hoists
  • large ramps
  • other structural work

For more information and advise about major adaptations, see staying put.


If it is agreed that a piece of equipment or a minor adaptation is essential, you will not be charged for it.

If it is agreed that you need a major adaptation to your home, you may be financially assessed to see if you will have to contribute to the cost. Financially-assessed grants may be available for major adaptation work.

Any equipment which OT loan you is available free of charge. However, the supplies are limited, and for some equipment there is a waiting list.

Referral to OT

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