Complaints Protocol

We always try to provide the best service possible, '86% of our patients recommend this practice'. However there may be times when you feel this has not happened.

Our practice had been awarded "GOOD" by CQC (2016).

Before making a complaint please consider if this is to do with your service from the GP or from the hospital.

If your disatisfaction or frustration is due to communication, or lack of, from the hospital please contact them directly - PALS (Patient Advice Liaison Service)

Before complaining about the service in your GP practice, please consider if  there could be a misunderstanding or miscommunication which could be resolved through a conversation. We are under no illusion that sometimes we get things wrong. Therefore we are always open to discuss matters and feedback which allows us to improve where we can. 

If you wish to discuss your concerns please contact us through our website  and address your message to Tracey Miller (Operations Manager).

If you have a complaint, please also contact us through the website and address the complaint to Flemming Jensen (Practice Manager).

We will always investigate the complaint and respond!