Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

Information on available mental health services for children and adolescents


Dental Problems

Dentist information - dental problems


Ear Wax

Ear wax and our services


Home Visits

Information for house-bound patients


How do I get a blood test?

Blood tests & Phlebotomy


Local Eye Services

Eye problems - COS (Community Ophthalmology Services)


Missed an Appointment aka Did Not Attend! (DNA)

DNAs & Cancellations


Occupational Therapy (OT)

Occupational Therapy Assessments, OT Referral


Pharmacy First

Pharmacy First - over the counter medicines


Sexual Health Services

Sexual Health Clinics, GUM (Genitourinary Medicine), STD & STIs


Social Services

Adult social services and care


Translation Services

Translation services available



Vaccinations and their importance



How to book an appointment

Booking appointments, telephone consultations and doctorlink


How to cancel an appointment

Cancelling appointments



Our new service where you can access advice and appointments online


What is DoctorLink?

Information on our online appointment booking system


Out of Hours

Out of hours appointments



Repeat Prescriptions

How to order prescriptions


Tests & Results

Test Results

Test results & hospital results